Useful Barefoot Trimming and Natural Hoof Care Links
Online store for Missy’s Bucket and info for Healthy Horse Keeping, owned and run by GoBarefoot Trimmer Zoe Messina.
Pauline William’s hoof boot site. Supplies GoBarefoot trimmers or buy direct for  RENEGADE, EQUINE FUSION and CAVALLO hoof boots. Also sells NT Dry (for thrush) and other quality equine supplies.
Pete Ramey’s barefoot trimming site. Leading American trim teacher.
Australian info on hoofboots – supplies GoBarefoot.
Australian Barefoot trimming chat site subscriber email
Linda Cowles’ experience – Providing info and pictures about her work.
Online home of Hoofcare & Lameness, US magazine.
A US site with excellent case studies of rehabilitated horses.
American site belonging to James and Yvonne Welz who also publish an excellent magazine available on paper or via email called “The Horse’s Hoof”.
Makers of Easyboots – Garrett Ford’s site with lots more links for barefoot info.
Marjorie Smith’s excellent info site about all things barefoot.


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