The founder of GoBarefoot - The Hoof Trim Network™, Rebecca took her own endurance horse barefoot in 2004 -  training and competing barefoot in the rocky Victorian High Country. Not being able to find a barefoot trimmer, she learnt to trim her own horse's hooves herself. Progressively, friends and neighbours asked her to trim their horses and before long she was trimming part time in North East Victoria.

When she moved to Melbourne in 2007 for her daughter's education, she started trimming full time. In 2008 she undertook the professional trimmers course in Equine Podio Therapy. GoBarefoot - The Hoof Trim Network™ was founded in 2010 to bring together a group of trimmers under the one banner. The aim is to provide a service which is synonymous with outstanding professionalism and excellent customer service.


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