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Equine Laminitis and colic are probably two of the  most commonly feared equine afflictions. And of the two, laminitis is much more common. Right now there are horses all over Victoria falling victim to laminitis.  Their feet become inflamed and sore. They are reluctant to walk. They may shift the weight from one foot to the other and will probably lie down a lot. If the episode is severe enough, it will destroy the connective tissues in their hooves and their pedal bones will penetrate thru the soles of their feet.  At this point euthanasia becomes an option. But it need not get to that stage. So what is Laminitis? Laminitis is the breaking of the connective tissues which are integral to the health of the hoof. While the process is still not well understood even by researchers, the most common causes of laminitis are clear: a diet too rich in sugars, often coupled with mineral imbalances, lack of exercise and lack of proper hoof care.


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