A valuable resource for every horse owner. Written in simple, concise language, this book is an easy to follow guide to help the horse owner through the most crucial steps to laminitis recovery and rehabilitation. The comprehensive, yet logical steps will appeal to both novice and experienced horse people. If you’ve ever witnessed a horse with acute laminitis you will know that its something to avoid at all costs. Laminitis is an extremely painful condition for the horse. In severe cases the horse cannot stand on its hooves and will spend most of its time lying down in extreme discomfort. Laminitis is often the result of mismanagement and - fortunately for us as horse owners - most cases are completely preventable.
WHY DID WE WRITE THIS BOOK AND HOW IS IT DIFFERENT TO OTHERS? We wrote this book to help owners manage their horses better. Unfortunately, whilst there is an abundance of information out there on laminitis and how to manage it, much of it is confusing and contradictory. WHAT THE READER WILL LEARN.
  • What laminitis is and what causes it.
  • Risk factors and which horses are more prone to it.
  • Signs, symptoms and what to look out for.
  • An immediate action plan to start on the road to recovery.
  • Includes a long term plan for rehabilitation.
  • How to prevent laminitis.
The book focusses on a holistic approach to recovery and includes information on dietary and nutritional management, natural hoof care and barefoot trimming principles and lifestyle and management considerations. A must have for every horse person with a laminitis prone horse or pony, the book also outlines simple steps to aid in prevention. It identifies early warning signs, especially in those susceptible to laminitis. For the Ebook version go to Amazon! A Paperback version is also available in Australia - To order go to "myhealthyhorse"


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