Q : My horse has seedy toe. Shouldn’t this be cut out?

A : No. Seedy toe is caused by microbes in the ground but the hoof needs to have the preconditions for the microbes to get in. Regular hoof care and proper nutrition will see the seedy toe progressively grow out. It is not necessary to resect the hoof (cut a hole in the hoof wall) to get rid of seedy toe.

Q : My horse has cracks and splits in his hooves. Wont they fall apart without a shoe?

A : Quite the opposite. Good trimming, coupled with good nutrition and exercise will improve the cracks and in 95 per cent of cases the horse will grow the cracks right out as a nice new hoof grows in.

Q : My horse has rotated its pedal bones. Can he still go without shoes?

A : Yes. Good regular hoof care can reverse pedal bone rotation. Barefoot trimmers rehab many laminitic horses.

Q : Why do people who wear hoof boots say they have barefoot horses?

A : Hoof boots protect a horse’s hoof - if necessary -when it is being ridden. The boots are removed when the horse is at pasture and so they are literally barefoot most of the time. Barefoot trimmers are in favour of hoof protection. Boots protect and still allow the hoof to expand and contract as it is loaded and unloaded.

Q : Why do I need to have my horse’s hooves trimmed every month?

A : Because long hoof walls cause mechanical laminitis and ‘pull’ at the connective tissue weakening the hoof & inviting in seedy toe and abcesses.

Q : Can I learn to look after my horse’s hooves myself?

A : Yes – many horse owners learn to trim and care for their own horse’s hooves. GoBarefoot trimmers encourage and support clients in doing this.

Q : My horse has had shoes on all his life, isn’t it better to leave him in shoes?

A : Not necessarily. Many horses have improved hoof health after the shoes are removed. Even the old farriers used to recommend horses have a break from shoes each year.

Q : Can I ride my horse immediately after the shoes have been removed?

A : Yes. With properly fitted boots and pads your horse will have the protection necessary until his hooves are healthy enough to be ridden barefoot


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