I love working with Rebecca from GoBarefoot! I have a mare who has always been tricky to trim. It was always a drawn out and exhaustive procedure for everybody involved. Not anymore!  Rebecca has been trimming my horses for about five months now and my mare was ground tied during the last trim,  not batting an eyelid.

But Rebecca is also great with owners! She has excellent time management skills - she is on time and leaves on time - (sorry Rebecca, I love having you here but it is fantastic to be able to plan your visit reliably) - especialy as with us there is a ferry involved which has proven insurmountable for other farriers in the past. Just love the whole professional attitude. - SH French Island June 2015


We have 2 old but lively Clydesdales who had started to have trouble with feet – abscesses, splits and one foundered to the point where we had to consider having him put down. He had been treated roughly by a previous trimmer to the point where he could/would not cooperate. Within 3 -4 trims with Rebecca and her team, this has all been turned around. It is no exaggeration to say they are like young colts again (on their feet!) and stand like angels to have their feet trimmed. For horses weighing a tonne this is vital! We would highly recommend Rebecca & GoBarefoot and the philosophy behind their hoof trimming method. It works and is worth every cent! - Alison PItt, French Island, June 2015


Rebecca and her team have been supporting us in the transition of our two quarter horses from wearing shoes to going barefoot. Rebecca has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she puts into her work and I can highly recommend her. She is passionate about her work and a true professional. This high degree of professionalism is also being expressed by the excellent customer service she provides at all times.  - Jackie Lehmann, Lancefield


I had Rebecca recommended to me by a Vet from Ballarat region for a Quarter horse with a twisted pastern. Rebecca was able to balance him out by strategically measuring, trimming and filing the hoof of the problem leg so that he could be more comfortable and balanced. My Quarter horse was definitely more balanced and walked with more ease with this intervention. I would highly recommend Rebecca Scott for any of your hoof needs.  – Penelope Keys, Melbourne  

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate Anna Roach’s approach. Anna has been out to see my ‘Mellow’, 3 times now and has been absolutely brilliant.  Her patience, care, relaxed personal persona just helps immensely with my skittish, strong willed, cheeky but shy and fearful horse. Gold star for Anna!  - CT Cape Schanck

 I find Sarah very refreshing. I am happy with the way she handles my horses. She is always punctual. If she is ever running late, she phones.  She listens to me. I do know a bit about barefoot trimming, having done a number of courses. And we have a discussion between two people who care for the ponies. I would be very happy to recommend Sarah. We need more people like her in the industry. – Anne Prime, Mandurang (Bendigo RDA Ponies) 

I just wanted to let you know how professional Sarah is and how confident I am that she is helping me with Sunny. She has helped me develop my own confidence and is very helpful on advice." - RC, Strathfieldsaye.

Thank you for referring Stephanie Redlich to me to trim my endurance horse.  Steph is extremely professional, polite, punctual & does the best barefoot trim that I have come across in the last 25+ years.  Her mustang roll is excellent.  Since Steph has taken over the care of my mare’s feet, she has been able to resolve many of the common issues I have faced with a barefoot endurance horse. I can’t recommend her highly enough. - N O’Shaughnessy, Yarra Glen.

I am very happy with Sarah’s service. She is punctual and reliable.  If I am not home when the horses are due, Sarah trims them on her own. She can catch Honey who is a Cushings pony and is now cantering! I also appreciate Sarah recommending other professionals to me if she thinks the horses might benefit . When I went away for a holiday I even agisted my two  - Anna and Honey – at Sarah’s place for three weeks! -  Liz Whelan, Longlea, Vic

Our pony Crystal came back from a time on lease with very neglected overgrown feet. One of her hind ones had grown upward in a trumpet shape, (strangely enough). Poor Crystal was very lame and had trouble getting around. Her long feet were causing laminitis. We called quite a few farriers who promised to come but never turned up, and a local horseman suggested ringing Sandi. Sandi came and trimmed Crystal’s feet, and over the next few months she improved greatly, and now (15 months later) Crystal gallops around the paddock happily and can eat some grass without having laminitis any more. Sandi has done a wonderful job of making our Crystal a much happier little pony. I would recommend Sandi to anyone that needs any trimming done.” - Rae Pffeifer, Daylesford

I would just like to thank Rebecca Scott from GoBarefoot™ and Zoe Messina for taking my aged mare’s hooves from being badly overgrown, cracked, and split 18 months ago (when I acquired her) to now being very healthy hooves with only a few superficial cracks.  In addition to the barefoot trims I also attribute her excellent new hoof growth to Missy’s Bucket  which is a mineral supplement formulated by Zoe.  My aged mare has been on this supplement for around 12 months and her hooves and general overall condition are great (she will be 22 this year and certainly doesn’t act or look it).  Zoe has been invaluable in answering any questions that I have had in relation to the feeding and general well being of both my horses.  Nothing is too much trouble.  She is always more than ready to assist and her wealth of knowledge is second to none.  Zoe is also a saddle fitter and is in the process of working with me to sort out a saddle that will best suit myself and my rescue horse, Lady who is a newcomer to both barefoot trimming and Missy’s Bucket.  - Rochelle, “Misty”, and “Lady”, Main Ridge, Vic

I received the boots on Thursday. They were fantastic - no twisting or rubs. And she felt great.  Really relaxed and steady. It's as if she's stopped running away from her feet. And we trotted down the lane too! Thanks again for your help and encouragement. - Bronwyn Holmes, Bangholme, Vic

The horse is working well – he is extending exceptionally. Certainly there were no sore feet. They look great. I shall keep you informed – Coralie Porter, Tarneit

His feet are looking brilliant, they have come a long way.  The crack has nearly disappeared.  Thank you….We both are very happy.  You are gentle and he trusts you, for Prince that is a big step.” – Nathalie Vauzelle and Prince, Truganina

Rebecca is a knowledgeable and caring barefoot practitioner.  Her help and advice have been invaluable in my horse’s successful barefoot transition, and with her active encouragement I was able to take a course in barefoot trimming for home!  Her backup support is fantastic, and she has also recommended some great natural equine health practitioners.  Thanks to Rebecca! My horse is healthier from head to toe.  She is the ideal person to support your barefoot transition and day-to-day equine podiatry needs." – Amy B, Ballarat

Star and I would really like to thank you for all your help and encouragement with our transition from shod to barefoot. I’m sure I would have given up on going barefoot long ago without your continued support, as it’s not always easy.  It is great having you trim Star’s feet  and  I have learnt so much from you which has helped me maintain his feet between visits. Your help with boot fitting has been invaluable, and I would have found it impossible without your input. Your advice, whether in person, by phone or by e-mail is always useful and much appreciated.” Lee W, Bendigo

The pony isn’t sore at all, in fact he is moving heaps better… really striding out when asked and hasn’t got that choppy look to his stride that he has always had, and is not lifting his knees as high. Going to ride him tomorrow and see what he feels like. In two days on the lunge he is doing extensions at the trot and he never could do that before. Just thought I’d  let you know.”  – Kat White, Kypara Lodge Show Team, Woodend.

Thank you so much for all the information. We will definitely be recommending you after the care and attention you have shown.” – Catherine Bateman, Mornington Peninsula

In the past, we have had a lot of difficulty finding someone suitable to look after Jarrah's hooves because she can be very flighty and scares easily.  Both you and Sandi have been very gentle and Jarrah responds extremely well to you both and trusts you totally which is great and means a lot to us.  We are extremely happy with the thorough attention you pay to every aspect of your work.  We would highly recommend you as the improvement in Jarrah's hooves is tremendous.   – Celia Luke, Mt Wallace, Vic


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