Ever wondered what the difference is between a farrier trim and a barefoot trim? IS there really a difference?
SHOULD there be a difference?

Well there certainly IS a difference …….. not only between a farrier and a barefoot trim, but between farrier
trims from one farrier to the next. And also between barefoot trims, from one barefoot trimmer to the next.

So the next question is … what does a good trim look like? And why do these people trim the way they do? What
about the horse?

Well, thanks to the American Farriers Journal, we here in Australia will have the chance to compare actual trims
done by six well-regarded practitioners. Two of them are farriers who have represented Australia internationally –
Craig Jones from Queensland and Michael Saunders from Tasmania.

Craig Jones

Michael Saunders

Luke Wells-Smith is a farrier turned vet, who now specializes in hoofcare working for the Scone Equine Podiatry
and Lameness Centre.

Luke Wells-Smith

James Welz

The trimmers are James Welz from Arizona, USA, who together with his wife Yvonne, runs The Horse’s Hoof Magazine.

Thorsten Kaiser

Thorsten Kaiser who is a Strasser Hoofcare instructor from New Zealand; and Rebecca Scott who runs a team of
Victorian-based trimmers.

Rebecca Scott

This is an opportunity to inspect their freeze dried cadaver trims, listen to the practitioners describe why they
trimmed the way they did, listen to the panel discussion and ask questions about the respective approaches.

“A Table with All the Trimmings” will be the centrepiece panel discussion at The Functional Hoof Conference,
in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia in November. It will be co-moderated by vets Dr Andrew Van Eps from Queensland
University Vet Faculty, and Dr Neal Valk who is in private practice in Tennessee, USA.

This is an opportunity for vets, farriers, trimmers and body workers to see for themselves and evaluate the
different approaches. If you are involved in equine hoof care, can you afford to miss this highly anticipated


  • Thanks to the American Farriers Journal which has kindly allowed The Functional Hoof Conference to use the
    name they created for a similar event at the American Farriers Conference. Thanks also to Allie Hayes of
    HorseScience for permission to use her concept.

For more info on the conference and to book go to:


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